Family In Hiding – Full Movie

Starring: Brenda Strong, Elyse Levesque & Hrothgar Mathews
Thousands of people have given up their identities and lived in the witness protection program. ‘Family in Hiding’ reveals how truly life-shattering that experience can be.
Single mom, Carol Peterson (Brenda Strong — ‘Desperate Housewives’), finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time and is horrified to witness an execution-style murder from point blank range of a well-known district attorney. Exposing her identity to the killer, she leaps from her hiding place and into her car, careening out of the parking garage as shots ring out behind her.
The killer, Nahanee (Hrothgar Mathews — ‘Nuremberg’), is a famous crime boss who District Attorney Cloninger (Jerry Wasserman — ‘Smallville’) has been trying to convict for years. Now, Carol must uproot her two teenaged kids and join the Witness Protection Program. They were once a typical, modern family with their biggest worries revolving around basketball games and dates; now, their entire existence is focused on one thing—staying alive. .